About School


The Creek Planet School Jupiter Campus (Rajahmundry, AP)

The Creek – Jupiter campus at Rajahmundry is spread over a vast land of 4 acre of land and caters to both, day-boarding and residential students. It shall offer new-age integrated programmes that put students ahead in this rapidly-evolving global economy.

Futuristic Edu Initiatives philosophy of creating eco-friendly schools continues in Rajahmundry as well, with the campus being rich with ample open spaces, verdant and invigorating landscapes and most importantly, student-centric infrastructure. Children find the ambience congenial for undistracted learning and above all the experiences at The Creek makes learning truly enjoyable. Thus, making The Creek a ‘Modern Gurukul’ albeit in the vicinity of the city – Rajahmundry.

In this fast-advancing world, education should not even be the last thing to change or evolve – in fact, it should lead progress. Because knowledge and its sensible utilization is the key to every progress the world makes – and that is a simple truth. This thought is deeply ingrained in us and has become a force-driver for us to bring global education to Rajahmundry. Now, your child can belong to a new world of learning altogether.

The Creek Planet School is one of the fastest growing K-10 school group that follows the CBSE curriculum. In addition to the same, The Creek also adopts enriching education practices followed globally.

The Creek provides ultra-modern purpose infrastructure and facilities to lay a sound foundation and cultivate positive skill sets to explore and make connections across the subjects.


  • Eco-friendly Day & Residential Campus
  • Affiliation to CBSE, New Delhi
  • Spacious e-Classrooms
  • Highly Experienced and Qualified Faculty
  • Scientifically Designed Curriculum
  • Full-fledged ICT and Science Labs
  • Emphasis on Personality and Communication Skills
  • Practical and Interactive Based Learning
  • Field Trips and Social Awareness Camps
  • Hobby Clubs to Explore Innate Talents
  • Vast Sports Field with athletics track
  • Exclusive playpen and open-air amphitheater
  • World-class facilities like Swimming Pool, Synthetic Courts and Skating Rink
  • Multipurpose Seminar Hall
  • Vast residential block with indoor sports facilities
  • Hygienic kitchen with attached dining lounge
  • Round-the-clock medical attention
  • Campus under security surveillance