Textbook and syllabus teaching is generally offered in every school. What makes Creek different and distinct is that it offers education that goes beyond the routine coaching and classroom training as well as one that meets the demands of the future. Every child is provided opportunities to face the future challenges and focus on studies without distraction. To facilitate the same, the syllabus is divided into three semesters and the evaluation of the progress of the students is done based, not merely on their academic proficiency, but, on their overall performance, based on various parameters that helps judge their analytical skills and personality development and guide them accordingly. Special attention will be provided to the slow learners.

If there is one thing that has dominated our lives and our lifestyle today then it is a small silicon chip that responds to the name of Computer. It has changed the outlook of not just one region, state or country, but that of the entire world. In such a scenario it is only right that Creek has introduced IT from lower section itself, to make students computer savvy. The computer student ratio is 1:1 in the ultra modern computer labs that the students are provided. The school has plans to set up a communication lab in collaboration with the British Council to help students improve their communication skills that will stand them in good stead in their future endeavours.

Every brook, stream and river flows on nonchalantly, enthusiastically and joyfully without any fear or worry because it has the banks that guide its path and give it the direction. In the student’s life it is the teacher who guides and directs the child to the path of success. The faculty at creek is a very well knit team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who have been hand picked for the job. Their dedication and commitment are exemplary and their approach very pragmatic. The faculty makes use of the course structure and the syllabus innovatively. The students’ interactive participation is encouraged and expected for optimum results. Project assignments are delegated to students that hone their presentation skills and group activity.

Physical fitness is a very important aspect of education. Facilities for sports are of prime quality at creek. The talented students are encouraged to pursue sport of their choice. A sprawling playground is designed for games like football, hockey, cricket and Tennis. Professional trainers are appointed to train the students. These trainers are experienced and participate with the students in sporting encounters. Indoor sports facilities are also in place. Dividing the students into groups, called house, the school holds Intra school competitions. Students are allowed to participate in inter school competitions too. Students who demonstrate the potential to be good sportspersons are given special attention and all the encouragement to excel and shine.

The school bus offers safe and prompt mode of commuting between school and home for the children. It also is used for taking students out on field trips to the zoo and other places of educational interest to kindle in them the love for nature.

At The Creek every step has been taken to provide the students timely, nutritious, hygienic and delicious food with a variety to retain the interest factor in the child. The professionally trained chef and his team ensures that South and North Indian food, continental and Chinese cuisines are all provided on a regular basis to keep the students well nourished and healthy. Adequate care is taken in the procurement of essential commodities like, milk, organic vegetables, fruits and groceries so that the students are well nourished and well looked after. Filtered and purified drinking water is also provided. The faculty dines with the students and ensures that they follow proper eating habits.

Each child is unique and blessed with some extra talent. The hobby club activities are planned to enhance their skills. The students from grade 2-4 are segregated into different clubs ie. into dramatics, music, dance and arts depending on their interest and ability. They are henceforth trained to excel.

General assembly keeping in view the need of transforming and to cope up with the changes, students are made to understand and practice life skills which build in confidence , take responsibilities, develop thinking skills, creative skills , self awareness and many more… The activities in these periods are planned solely keeping the students age level and their level of understanding.