About School


The Creek Planet School (Neptune Campus)

The Creek Planet School is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The first look at the campus is decisive. Spacious classrooms, Seminar hall, vast playgrounds, aesthetically designed landscapes and avenue tree plantations give this gated campus the appearance of a fortress that is safe and secure for a child’s growth and development. We, at The Creek Planet School, believe in holistic approach where we provide ample

opportunities for our students and give them the freedom to learn, in the most appropriate way in other words we aim for HOLISTIC development among our students. For instance butterfly fields kits, science lab and math lab for concept based activities, language lab for communication skill, and craft for creativity, yoga/meditation and sports for health and fitness. We strive every second to inculcate a conscious growth of the young minds to learn, and also tend to educate; but most importantly enjoy the learning as it comes.

As the creek flows, it spreads richness. The creek planet school is today spreading out like a Banyan Tree. The creek has successfully formed its own universe and continues to expand. The school promotes an integrated curriculum which is interactive and project-based to ensure the success of every student. Another best ever part of our school is the special assemblies, which inspire the students in developing patriotism, national integrity and customs of the country. We motivate our students to be agile and attentive, both physically and mentally, and is committed to explore and develop the innate talents lurking in each child. The motto is – ‘Once a learner, always a learner’. As such, knowledge snowballs into a treasure of information at The Creek.