Scholastic (Academics) and co-scholastic activities are equally balanced at school. Scholastic activities are planned well in advance by respective subject mentors for English lab, math lab, science lab, IT lab, integrated projects, debates and elocution. Butterfly field activities for science and math provide a wide-ranging opportunity for students’ conceptual understanding through experiential learning.

For co-scholastic areas: Painting, drawing, dance, music, dramatics, yoga/meditation, karate, outdoor games, indoor games, work education. Students also have a chance to select hobby club to excel in the selected activity.

The festival celebrations are vibrant at The Creek, students understand our culture, respect all religions and learn about the significance of each festival. The weekly subject wise class assemblies prepare students for tomorrow. They develop confidence, communication skills; have sound knowledge about what they share in the assembly.

Painting, Dance, Dramatics, Debates, Elocution and Karate in school is not only students who learn from teachers, sometimes, even teachers learn from students. For instance, they learn how to bring out the talent that is innate in the child.

Sports @ The Creek

The National committee of education defines physical education as “Education through Physical activities for the development of total personality of the child i.e, body, mind and spirit”. Physical education is an integral part of the total education process, which has its aim to develop the child physically, mentally, emotionally, morally and socially fit citizens. Sports and Games generally involve mental or physical stimulation and often both, it also help to develop team work, leadership skills and making strategic decision.

We classify the students into three categories based on age groups.

  • Pre-Primary: Entertainment kind of Sports & Games.
  • Primary: Recreational Games, Indoor Games, Tennis and basics of organized games.
  • High School: Organized and competitive Sports like Running, Jumps and ThrowsGames like Basket ball, Throw ball, Volley ball, Kho-Kho, Chess, Tennis, Table Tennis, Tennicoit, etc.

YOGA AND MEDITATION: Regular yoga asana can turn even a weak, ill or ordinary person into a strong, healthy and attractive person