Play Net Wing

The interest to learn is always there in every child; we sometimes curb it with our eagerness to teach them too many things too soon. The child is keen to learn as long as the interest factor is kept alive.

At Creek, learning is made enjoyable for the children of Nursery classes through interesting teaching modules adopting the latest teaching aids, models and so on in the activity room.

Play way methods are adopted and they are kept engrossed and informed through rhymes and reasoning activities. Every effort is made to ensure that their motor sensory skills are put to use. They gain real time experiences through field trips. The Creek in the child slowly grows into a stream merrily moving on in life.

Note: The age limit for the admission in nursery, PPI and PPII as on 1st June is 2 ½, 3 ½ and 4 ½ years respectively.