Social Responsibilities

Haritha Haram program was held in The Creek Planet School Neptune Campus @ Kukatpally on 11th July 2016.

The Students, Teachers, the honorable dignitaries Mr Prem Kumar Sub inspector of Police and our Managing Director Mr Narendra E. Prasad of Futuristic Edu Initiatives actively participated in the program. To sensitize students on the value of tree plantation, the saplings were procured from the state government of Telangana and students have planted these saplings in school premises and also in surroundings.

A rally was also held where students carried placards & slogans such as Go-Green, Each one – Plant one, Save Earth- Save Life, Clean Earth- Green Earth to spread the message…

Students had a great opportunity to participate in the plantation drive. The event served the dual purpose of education and awareness for the students in contributing to welfare of nature.

On the special day our school has taken the initiative of organizing Haritha Haram program in contributing our part to the environment and creates awareness among the youngsters about the need of planting trees and importance of saving our environment.

The main aim of the program was to increase the green cover in the state and maintain the ecological balance.

Students took the oath…
The earth is my home
I promise to keep it
Healthy and beautiful
I will love the land, the air, the water and all living creatures
I will be the defender of my planet united with my friends 
I will save the earth.


The team of students and staff of The Creek Planet School – Neptune participated in the program of “TRAFFIC AWARENESS” held on 26th October 2016 under the supervision of Kukatpally Traffic Police officers. The road safety program adopted two main sub-themes. One was related to awareness on road safety issues to the general public and the other was focused on road safety issues for drivers of different specific type of vehicles. Students showed a high sense of awareness by displaying their placards and reading slogans and also got the opportunity to learn many set of rules that are mandatory for driving. CI Mr.Prasanna Kumar Spoke on the occasion and explained the necessity of traffic awareness among the children.

Students were encouraged to prepare a questionnaire in order to get the information regarding the waste generation and management from local community. This information was helpful for them to conduct an awareness campaign.

Environmental Awareness Campaign – The Creek ‘Eco-Club’ Initiation

“Environmental Awareness Campaign” connected us to society and gives us the belongingness to our nature. This also helps every one of us to be responsible for one’s own action connecting to global concerns. With an aim of Connecting to social attributes, our students as a part of ECO-CLUB ACTIVITY conducted an “Environment Awareness Campaign”,@ Adithyanagar, near HMT hills on 13th Sep-2015 (Sunday) from 10.00 am to 12 noon. Our young learners took up this social responsibility in promoting and caring for environment.

On 3th October, 2015 our students conducted a survey at Bowrampet village, on 7th October, 2015 at Hill County to collect data regarding the waste generation and management.

On 8th October, 2015 conducted an “Environment Awareness Campaign”,@ Bowrampet Village and shared the effective and simple ways to manage the waste. This helps us to reduce the waste and save our environment. The session followed with tree plantation program near Gram Panchayat Office, Bowrampet.

“The next 10 years may be more important than the last 20 years in determining the fate of water to drink, oxygen to breathe and healthy life to live……….” “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” We are extremely delighted to see our students’ thought process into action.

Program Objective: To spread awareness about the changes in environment like climate changes, global warming, change in rain patterns, humidity, etc. To identify the techniques/tips to segregate and manage the waste which will help for better environment. To inculcate the values, attitudes and skills among students like Caring and Empathy, Social Responsibility & Accountability and Communication skills.

We would like to highlight and appreciate our students who opted ECO CLUB as their HOBBY Class. At school students have an opportunity to select literary club, SUPW club, Techno club, sports club, etc. Out of varied options these students have selected the Eco club which reflects their attitude and concern towards environment.

We strongly believe that this INITIATION BY THE ECO-CLUB STUDENTS OF THE CREEK PLANET SCHOOL is going to spread around all the communities in order to save our Earth.

  • Our Head Girl, Sri Vani.M started the session with her inspiring introduction about environment and briefed about the purpose of conducting the session. This has taken the session to a distinct level.
  • Mr Bharat Varma, General Secretary of Adityanagar thanked the management of The Creek for encouraging such activities and appreciated our students for being part of the session and spending quality time for a right cause and action rather than passing time by watching TV on a Sunday.
  • Mr Venkat Reddy, President of Adityanagar spoke few words about the environmental friendly activities at home, school and neighborhood would help our nature. He appreciated all the students from The Creek for the initiative taken and for selecting their community.
  • Audience enjoyed watching the skit (Nukkad Natak)
  • Mime show
  • Tips to manage the waste with examples and model.
  • The positive response from the audience reflects that the message reached them.
  • The special pledge on clay Ganesha
  • song to save plants
  • Visit to Adityanagar park
  • To show a compost pit model. They made our students to plant the saplings in their park which was gifted to them.
  • As a token appreciation our students gave sapling to adithyanagar residents. Audience were enthralled by students involvement.

Survey at Bowrampet Village and Hill County

Students were encouraged to prepare a questionnaire in order to get the information regarding the waste generation and management from local community. This information was helpful for them to conduct an awareness campaign.

Students’ data collection and documentation helped them to analyze and prepare for the presentation which was conducted on 8th October, 2015

This activity gave students an opportunity to build on their inter personal and intra personal skills.

Activities of this sort enable to inculcate attitudes like social responsibility, accountability, caring and empathy among student community.


Students involved in the integrated project “Yoga Vs Life Process” and conducted an “Awareness campaign” in local community. This helped them to be responsible for one’s own action connecting to social attributes.

Students from grade X organized and conducted the session proficiently. The explanation about the significance of yoga on human body systems and the perfection in their performance is commendable. Students also explained about the diseases which can be healed by yoga. They have showcased their understanding about the concept and applied the same in order to promote healthy practices. This gave them a chance to influence self as well as the community.

At the end of the session students guided the middle age and elderly people with few simple asana which can be practiced every day for ten minutes in order to strengthen knee muscles which relieves from joint pains and also a simple asana to get rid of thyroid problems. No doubt that this learning will enriches all of us to understand the functioning of our body.

Our students motivated the community members to join and perform the asana as per their convenience and body flexibility. Our student instructions were clear and apt as per the situation.

Systematic organization, Effective execution, student and community involvement can be considered for event success.

The Tribute to A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Students involved in the integrated project “Yoga Vs Life Process” and conducted an “Awareness campaign” in local community. This helped them to be responsible for one’s own action connecting to social attributes.

The Creek Initiation

From mentors’ desk:

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s Message was taken to our Students through Presentation, Inspirational Videos and Tree plantation @ THE CREEK PLANET SCHOOL – MERCURY

Together we could make some difference by dedicating one week morning assembly and every day 40 minutes period and gave title as KALAM’S week, in order to pay respect for our former President and Missile Man of India, Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.

All the mentors were instructed to make a note of the following points:

Follow the revised timings only for a week by squeezing out 5 minutes from each period we could get one period from 12 noon to 12.40pm. All the mentors planned a session for students in auditorium and Multimedia room.

And followed the schedule given below:

Date Auditorium Multimedia Room
28th July’2015 Grade IX and X Grade VIII
29th July’2015 Grade VA1 , VA2 and VA3 Grade VIIA
30th July’2015 Grade VB , VIA1 and VIA2 Grade VIIB

*All other grade students will be in their respective classroom with mentors and discuss ideas for Assembly about the great personality

We have conducted the session with specific objectives without diluting the message which we all can learn and make it special for every one of us. In all possible ways let us pay our tributes to the missile man of India.

True Follow up ACTION

Kalam’s inspiration in action: Dr. APJ Kalam…..a mirror to every student. Students of Grade VA1 , VA2 and VA3 assembled in Auditorium . First 10 Minutes were given to write about Dr. Abdul Kalam as per their knowledge. Children were asked to write about Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. They also watched the Videos of Dr.Kalam motivational speech and inspiring quotes which are essential for future generations.

Children were inspired by Dr.Abdul Kalam speech , contribution towards nation and the work done by him in the fields of health-care , Education and Scientific Research. Based on this interactive session, students prepared a skit and planned to perform the skit in the next day assembly.

From student community desk
Student Reflection:
On 28th July, 2015 the students of Creek had an inspiring session on Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. At the end of the session we were able to analyze the importance of ‘Vision 2020’, understand the concept of development of nation , compare the differences between urban and rural also steps to minimize the gap. We also understood our role as students and that each and every one of has a responsibility towards our country. Later we were assigned to reflect our work and views about the session with our fellow students and also communities. One of Dr.Abdul Kalam’s inspiring quotes which I like is “If you want to shine like a sun, burn like the sun”

– Sreya Meenakshi, Grade 9