Extra Curricular Activities

Painting, Dance, Dramatics, Debates, Elocution and Karate
In school it is not only students who learn from teachers, sometimes, even teachers learn from students. For instance, they learn how to bring out the talent that is innate in the child and help the child hone the skills so that the child may shine. Creek has established hobby clubs that conduct workshops and other activities in creative and literary activities like painting, dance, dramatics, debates, elocution and Karate. Seminars and other group activities are also conducted that help students develop organizational skills and give shape to their thoughts.

Parents too are encouraged to actively involve in honing the talents and monitoring the progress of their wards. The Annual School carnival will be the stage where students display their proficiency and skills.

Education does not mean sitting within the four walls of the classroom and reading from the book or solving mathematical problems, it is about life. It is about understanding the significance of our life in relation with the society, the environment and our role to preserve it. Students of Creek are taught all these and more through field trips and other outdoor activities. The school bus offers safe and prompt mode of commuting between school and home for the children