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  • Decennial Celebrations: 3rd Dec 2017
  • Science Week: 4th to 9th Dec 2017
  • Math Week: 11th to 16th Dec 2017
  • Unit Test II for Grades V to X: 18th to 23rd Dec 2017
  • Christmas Holidays: 25th to 26th Dec 2017
  • Christmas Celebrations: 27th to 30th Dec 2017
  • Parent Teacher's Meet on 30th Dec 2017
  • Sale of applications for the academic Year 2018-19 : 6th November 2017
  • Children's Day Celebrations on 14th November 2017
  • Parent Teacher's Meet (Half yearly-Examinations) on 7th Oct 2017
  • Social Week: 3rd to 7th Oct 2017
  • Diwali Holidays: 19th Oct to 21st Oct 2017
  • Measles-Rubella Vaccination Program on 4th Sep 2017
  • Health camp: 4th & 6th Sep 2017
  • Teacher's day celebrations on 5th Sep 2017
  • Hindi Week: 4th to 11th Sep 2017
  • Half yearly Examinations: 13th Sep to 19th Sep 2017
  • Dasara Celebrations on 19th Sep 2017
  • Dasara Vacation: 20th Sep to 2nd Oct 2017
  • Unit test -1 : 11th July to 17th July 2017
  • Literary week : 21st to 29th July 2017
  • Parent- Teachers meet : 22nd July 2017
  • Telugu week : 1st to 5th Aug’ 2017
  • Independence day celebrations on 15th Aug’2017
  • Nutrition week : 14th to 19th Aug’2017
  • Sports week : 21st to 26th Aug’2017


  • Orientation program for parents & students of grades IX and X 16th Apr 16.
  • The school remains closed on Summer Vacation for students from 18th Apr 16.
  • Professional development sessions for staff-25th Apr'16 to 28th Apr 16.
  • The school reopens for grades IX and X 1st Jun 16(tentatively).
  • Orientation program for parents of grades V to VIII Jun 4th 16.
  • Professional Development program for Staff 6th to 8th Jun 16.
  • The school reopens for grades V to VIII 9th Jun 16.
  • School cabinet elections 24th Jun 16.
  • Investiture ceremony on 30th Jun 16.
  • Pongal Celebrations on 7th Jan-17
  • Pongal Vacation from 9th Jan to 17th Jan-17
  • Educational Tour from 10th Jan to 14th Jan-17
  • School reopens after Pongal Vacation on 18th Jan-17
  • Republic Day celebrations on 26th Jan-17.
  • Creative Conclave -2016 on 3rd & 4th Dec-16
  • Art Week celebration from 5th Dec to 10th Dec-16
  • Carnival 10th Dec -16
  • Math Week celebrations from 19th Dec to 24th Dec-16
  • Christmas celebrations on 23rd Dec-16
  • Sale of Applications for The Academic Year 2017-18 on 4th Nov-16
  • Sports week celebrations on 7th Nov to 12th Nov-16
  • Creedotsavam on 13th Nov-16
  • Science Week celebrations on 28th Nov to 3rd Dec-16
  • Dussehra vacation for grade V-X from 30th Sep to 12th Oct-16
  • School reopens after Dussehra Vacation on 13th Oct-16
  • PTM meet Summative Assessment-I results on 15th Oct-16
  • Social Week Celebrations 24th Oct to 29th Oct-16
  • Teachers day celebrations on 3rd Sep -16
  • Ganesh Chaturdhi Celebrations from 5th Sep to 10th Sep-16
  • Hindi Week Celebrations from 12th Sep to 17th Sep-16
  • Summative Assessment – I 22nd Sep to 29th Sep-16
  • Bathukamma celebrations on 29th Sep-16
  • Telugu Week celebrations from 1st Aug to 6th Aug-16
  • Independence Day Celebrations on 15th Aug-16
  • Raksha Bandhan Celebrations on 18th Aug-16
  • Janmashtami Celebrations on 25th Aug-16
  • Sanskrit week Celebrations from 29th Aug to 3rd Sep-16
  • Ramzan Celebrations on 5th July-16
  • Vanamahotsav Celebrations from 4th July to 9th July– 16