Venus Campus "Admissions Open for 2018 - 2019"      


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  • Nov-6th- Admission open for the new Academic session(2018-19)
  • Nov-11th- Community outreach programme
  • Nov 25th- Grade II - Decennial Celebrations
  • Nov 26th- Grade I and IV- Decennial Celebrations
  • Dec 2nd- Grade III Decennial Celebrations
  • Dec 3rd- Pre-Primary Decennial Celebrations
  • 7th Oct- Summative Assessment 1- Results(PTM)
  • Oct 19th - 21st Diwali Holidays
  • 1st-12th September-Revision for SA1
  • 13th - 19th September-Summative Assessment 1
  • 20th Sep-2nd Oct- Dassehra Vacation.
  • 3rd Oct- School opens after Dassehra Vacation
  • August 11th - Janmashtami Celebraions(Junior wing)
  • August 12th - Janmashtami Celebrations(Playnet wing)
  • August 15th - Independence Day celebrations
  • August 19th - World photography day Event
  • August 26th - 29Cultural Week Celebrations
  • July 3rd - 7th Literary Week Celebrations
  • July 17th - 21st Math Week Celebrations
  • July 22nd - Parent Teacher Meeting (Gr1 to 4)
  • July 24th - 29th Cultural Week Celebrations
  • 3rd June and 4th June - Orientation Program for parents of Grade (I - IV)
  • 5th June - School reopens for Grade(I - IV)
  • 10th June - Orientation Program for parents of Grade (Nursery - PP II)
  • 12th June - School reopens for Grade (Nursery - PP II)
  • 23rd June - School Cabinet Elections, Ramzam Celebrations
  • 30th June - Investiture ceremony.


  • 20th April - Last working day for students
  • 08th March - 10th March - Achievers Day
  • 13th March – Holi
  • 14th March- 20th March - Summative Assessment-II (Grades Nursery to IV)
  • 21st March – 24th March – Holiday for students
  • 25th March - Summative Assessment-II Results (Grades Nursery to IV)
  • 25th March – Graduation day for PP-II students
  • 27th March- Academic Year 2017-18 commences
  • 29th March - Ugadi
  • 23rd Feb- Syllabus completion for Grade (Nursery - IV)
  • 24th Feb- Maha Shivaratri
  • 30th January - 10th February - Intra House Competitions
  • 7th January - Pongal Celebrations
  • 9th January - 17th January : Pongal vacation
  • 18th January - School Re-opening
  • 26th January - Republic Day Celebrations
  • 30th January - 10th February - Intra House Competitions
  • 28th Nov - 3rd Dec - Science Week
  • 3rd Dec - 4th Dec - Art Exhibition
  • 5th Dec - 10th Dec - Art Week
  • 10th Dec- Carnival
  • 23rd Dec - Christmas Celebration
  • 4th November – Admission commences for Year 2017-18
  • 12th November – Creedotsavam for Grades(Nursery – II)
  • 13th November – Creedotsavam for Grades(III –X)
  • 14th November – Children's Day celebration
  • 30th September – 12th October : Dasara vacation
  • 13th October - School re-opening
  • 15th October - Summative Assessment - I Results (PTM)
  • Regular Attendance a must after reopening as sports day practice initiated
  • 28th October – Diwali celebration
  • 6th Sep – 10th Sep– Ganesh Chaturdhi celebration
  • 3rd September–Teachers' Day Celebrations
  • 9th September – Syllabus completion for Summative Assessment-I
  • 22nd Sep- 29th Sep – Summative Assessment – I
  • 29th September – Bathukamma Celebrations
  • 5th August – Red theme organised by Pre primary students
  • 5th August – Friendship Day Celebration
  • 11th August – Splendour show by Nursery and PP-I students
  • 15th August – Independence day celebrations
  • 17th August – Rakhi celebration by Pre-primary kids
  • 8th Aug – 13th Aug – Cultural Week
  • 20th August – Sadbhawana Diwas Celebration
  • 22nd August – 31st August – Nutrition Week
  • 25th August – Janmasthami celebrations
  • (27th June to 2nd July), 2016 - Literary Week.
  • The English Literary Week gave students a platform to showcase their talent in various skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening in English with appreciation and love for the language. Various activities and competitions were organized during assembly time.
    Competition details

    Grade 1

    Speak about yourself

    Grade 2

    Mono Acting

    Grade 3


    Grade 4


  • EID celebration – Students of Grade IV students sang Qawwali and shared significance of the festival.
  • Blue theme organised on 15th July was a modern attempt to make students aware of the different shades of blue colour.
  • Green theme organised on 22nd July exhibited range of green shades alongside the amazing art work of enthusiastic kids.
  • Yellow theme organised on 29th July displayed the luminous work of the tiny tots with various shades of yellow.
  • 1st June, 2016 -Teaching staff reports to School.
  • 4th June, 2016- Parent Induction for grades II to IV.
  • 5th June, 2016 -Parent Induction for grade-I on.
  • 6th June, 2016 - FEI policy induction for staff.
  • 8th June, 2016 -Karadhipath induction for Pre-primary mentors.
  • 9th June, 2016 -School commences for Grade I to IV.
  • 11th June, 2016-Parent Induction for Grade - Nursery, PP I & PP II.
  • 15th June, 2016 -School commences for Grades Nursery, PP I & PPII.
  • 17th June Greeting card preparation by pre-primary kids on Father's day
  • 21st June, 2016 -Yoga Day celebrations.
  • 24th June, 2016 – School Cabinet Elections.
  • (27th June to 2nd July), 2016 - Literary Week.
  • 30th June,2016-Investiture Ceremony.
  • Summer vacations for students from 17th April.
  • The school remains closed for students from 18-4-16.
  • The office hours are 9:00-3:00 pm.
  • Professional Development sessions for teaching staff conducted from 25th to 29th April, 2016.
  • Academic session (2016-17) commenced on 30th March.
  • Students are gearing up for the Summative examinations.
  • Summative Examinations are scheduled from: 15-03-2016 to 22-03-2016.
  • The results will be announced on 28-03-2016.
  • The next academic year will begin from 30-04-2016.
  • The last working day for students is 23-04-2016.
  • Literary week was celebrated from 6th to 10th July. In the assmbly the students learnt about idioms and there use.Students were involved in various activities like calligraphy competition, story telling, story writing and creative writing.
  • Ramzan celebrations were held on 17th of July . Students enjoyed the special assembly events and had Iftar during their lunch break.
  • Samkruthi Dina Mahotsav was celebrated on 27th July making the students aware of the Indian Culture .
  • Colour splash activity was conducted for Pre Primary grades. With Green for Nursery, Blue for PP 1 and Yellow for PP 2. The idea was to make the students aware of the colours and games related to the themes were conducted.
  • Guru Poornima celebrations were done in the assembly and students expressed their feelings and respect in the form of skit and paid their gratitude to their mentors.
  • Telugu week was celebrated from 3rd to 7th August. The week was filled with learning from the beautiful padhyas, karalu and skits of moral values. Various competitions were conducted.
  • Cultural week, termed as AZZADI KA JASHN, was celebrated from 10th to 14th of August, and students represented their patriotic spirits. Competitions in dance, music and drama were conducted.
  • Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp. Events were- Paying respect to the flag, skit by III hobby club students, speech, song by choir group and pyramids performance. Flag hoisting was done by PP student.
  • Janmashtami was celebrated with full spirits with the tiny tots of Pre-Primary dressing themselves as Krishnas and Gopikas. The Venus campus looked like a Brindavan, mesmerizing the parents.
  • Teachers day was celebrated in Ambitus World School, all the four campuses under the Futuristic Edu Initiatives were assembled and Seeds school organized the event. All the teachers had great fun and the BEST TEACHER and BEST ADMIN of each campus were felicitated.
  • Math week was celebrated from 7th to 10th of September. Math never seemed so easy- students recited number rhymes and the Math operators were depicted through songs. Students dressed as Great Mathematicians explained the discoveries done.
  • Gearing up with academics -Summative Assessment – I commenced from 23rd October 2015.
  • Summative Assessment-I results declared on 10th of October.
  • Dussara Holidays declared from 12th October 2015 to 24th October 2015.
  • Sangam-2015 was celebrated on 21st and 22nd of November in the Venus campus.
  • The Welcome address was delivered by Executive Director Smt.Padmaja Paturi. This was followed by Annual report presented by the Vice-Principal, Mrs Sapna highlighting the school vision and mission.
  • The highlight of the function was the release of the all new Mobile app connecting the parent to mentor, Nursery curriculum designed by the mentors and the FEI-policy handbook.
  • The students exhibited their talents by showcasing their dances, songs and skit. It was indeed a spectacular show where the parents were enthralled, awestruck and had fond memories to take back home.
  • Carnival-the fun filled , learning evening - the exhibition of projects, fun games, stalls , food court and many more was conducted on 19th December.
  • Christmas eve was celebrated in the school on 24-12-15, with Santa coming around distributing sweets for the students, the display of Jesus Christ birth and the decorated Christmas tree was the centre of attraction for the students.
  • Pongal celebrations were conducted on 8-1-16, it was an awestruck celebration with the scenario of the village, the traditions followed during the festival, dance performances by the students, kite flying competition and rangoli competitions among the students.
  • The school closes from 9-1-16 to 18-1-16 for the Pongal vacations.
  • The school re-opened for the students after Pongal vacations on 19th Jan'2016.
  • Professional development program for mentors was conducted on 23-1-16.
  • Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp on 26th Jan. The chief guest for the day was Master Akshith of Grade IV.
  • The gathering was addressed by Chairman- Mr. Seenaiah and Vice Principal -Ms. Sapna.
  • The students of Grade III-IV exhibited the yogasanas, performed March past and enthralled the audience with their dances and songs.